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 Radio Maria Australia is part of the World Family of Radio Maria, an international non-commercial Catholic radio station, broadcasting across the world in 93 different countries and reaching over 500 million people. Each station is autonomous but all work on the same 5 guiding principles:

‣We are faithful to the Magisterium
‣We rely on divine providence
‣We are Marian
‣We are missional
‣We are volunteer based

Our main state of the art studio is located in the northern suburbs of Melbourne. We are a joy filled, bridge building, and Faith based communications centre. We build networks and partnerships for the Catholic and wider Christian community. Our programs include Mass, liturgy, catechesis, spirituality, the Rosary, live-prayers, programs on human formation, culture, the Arts, and contemporary and traditional Christian music.


Enjoy the exclusive programs of Radio Maria Australia.

Prayer & Reflection Time with Sneha – A time to reflect and create a quiet space with God. Join Sneha in for a special moment of prayer. 

God’s Country – Brought to you by Chris and Ben, God’s country is the rambling of two bumbling Catholics in regional Australia seeking to pray much and suffer well. Music that has a Christ message.

The Genius Podcast – The Genius Podcast will be dedicated to resourcing and supporting you to discover your unique gifts, skills and aspirations. It’s about bringing those gifts to life in an abundant way for the Church, the culture, your family and community.

Cecilia Bernadette – With program host Jacqui, this segment aims to hone in on Discipleship in the world we live and by breaking down Scripture see with the Bible has to say. Listen to the holy spirit.

SmartLoving – Francine and Laura will draw from a wealth of research, theology, creativity and practical experience to provide a compelling and focused approach to building marriages and families that thrive in faith and in love.

Lion’s Den – This show explores the challenges that come with living as a Christian in the modern world. Drawing from scripture and tradition, we seek ways to grow stronger in our faith and discover hope wherever we are. Enter deeply into the lion’s den.

Crash Course Catholicism – A summary of the teachings of the Catholic Church, given to you in short, easy-to-digest episodes. The easiest way to read through the catechism of the Catholic Church!

Children’s hour – The Children’s Hour is the time between the dark and daylight, when the night is about to end as we get ready to go to sleep. We’ll learn facts about the church, read a story and end off with prayer.

Logical Daily Exegesis – We go through an exegesis of the gospel from the current day’s Mass. We hope to help understand what the gospel writers (and more importantly, Jesus) were intending to communicate in today’s reading, as well as providing links to the Catechism. Each episode is short and designed to be listened to before or after attending daily Mass.


Every donation counts as a gift from God for our evangelisation

Bank Details

Name: Radio Maria Limited

ABN: 99 631 137 614

BSB: 083-004

Account no: 85-189 – 0830


Our Team

This is the team that makes possible that Radio Maria Australia run.

Fr Samuel Randall

Priest, and Director

Christina Guzman

Editorial Assistant

Joshua Angrisano

Music and Content Creator

Christian Azuero

Web Designer

John Ighalo

Radio Announcer